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A sneak peek inside one Gen Zer's festival bag

It’s official, the festival season is well underway. With Glastonbury, the world’s biggest greenfield festival just around the corner, we asked one Gen Zer to tell us about the go-to items in her festival bag.


I love festivals! They’re a chance for me to get together with my friends, listen to music that I love and explore new artists. With hundreds of thousands of people flocking to festivals every year, I want to not only look my best, but ensure I have all the necessities with me before I go. Here’s a run down of my top eight must-have festival items.


1. Glitter

First up, glitter. Festivals are the one place that you can get almost anyone to get involved and wear some glitter. Gypsy Shrine have got Gen Z covered this summer with more shades of hair, body and face glitter than ever.

GenZInsights presented bu UNiDAYS a sneak peek into one Gen Zers festival bag_ gypsy shrine

2. Raincoat

It wouldn’t be a British festival without a bit of rain so it’s important to make sure that you have your rain gear at the ready. But there’s good news... raincoats don’t have to be boring! ASOS have lots of different styles and colours to keep us Gen Zers looking stylish no matter what the weather.

3. Reusable bottle

Gen Z cares about important causes so it’s great to see that festivals are providing free water taps to encourage attendees to take their own reusable bottles this year. With festivals like Glastonbury selling over one million plastic bottles a year, we love that they are taking a stand to help save the environment. Not only that, but reusable bottles now come in lots of cute colours and designs.

GenZInsights presented bu UNiDAYS a sneak peek into one Gen Zers festival bag_ chilly's

4. Sunglasses

No festival look is complete without a pair of fresh sunglasses. Ray Ban’s are always on trend and are great quality to last throughout the festival season.

5. Suncream

For the days when the sunshine comes out, no one wants to be the unlucky person with sunburn. Luckily, Feelunique stock a wide range of suncream from reliable brands, such as La Roche-Posay and their Invisible Face Mist which goes over your make-up, making it easy to stay protected when you’re out and about.

6. Portable charger

It comes as no surprise that Gen Z love to stay connected and capture everything! There’s nothing worse for a Gen Z-er than when your phone dies whilst your in the middle of filming your favourite band playing. This is why power bank chargers are a festival necessity.

GenZInsights presented bu UNiDAYS a sneak peek into one Gen Zers festival bag_ belkin

7.  Strong footwear

Everyone knows that festivals include a lot of walking (and dancing), so strong footwear is essential. For a festival shoe that is durable and fashionable, students can head to Dr. Martens and browse the huge range available.GenZInsights presented bu UNiDAYS a sneak peek into one Gen Zers festival bag_ dr martens

8.  Festival tech

To some people, buying new technology to take to a festival sounds crazy, but to Gen Z festivals are the place to demo the latest gear! The perfect festival-ready piece of tech has to be a GoPro camera, which allows you to capture the action from different perspectives and take home to share.

A version of this post originally appeared on The EDIT.

Poppy Whittaker
Poppy Whittaker
Poppy is a Gen Z Specialist at UNiDAYS. When she isn’t finding the best brands to bring to Gen Z, you’ll find her teaching Les Mills classes, hitting the shops to source the latest trends, and exploring the London foodie scene.
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