Poppy Whittaker

Poppy Whittaker

Poppy is a Gen Z Specialist at UNiDAYS. When she isn’t finding the best brands to bring to Gen Z, you’ll find her teaching Les Mills classes, hitting the shops to source the latest trends, and exploring the London foodie scene.
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A sneak peek inside one Gen Zer's festival bag

It’s official, the festival season is well underway. With Glastonbury, the world’s biggest greenfield festival just around the corner, we asked one Gen Zer to tell us about the go-to items in her festival bag.  

An open letter to retailers from a Gen Zer

Dear Retailers, Being born into a digital-centric world, I spend so much of my day-to-day life online, whether I'm scrolling through social media, working on my Mac or watching Netflix. So it’s not surprising that when it comes to shopping, I’m often excited to log off and head in-store. Years ago, in-store retail was a boring maze of racks, store layouts weren’t fun enough to engage me, and the lack of online reviews made me want to give up all together. And when it came to online shopping, I found the experience frustrating and impersonal. On the whole, shopping was time consuming, disconnected and an expensive hobby. Fast forward to 2018, and things have drastically improved (although there’s still work to be done). I love to shop in-store, but being able to browse and shop online is still important. I expect retailers to embrace technology in the way that I do and make my experience as positive and rewarding as possible. So here’s some tips, with love from me to you, in winning my generation over:

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