Shelley Mole

Shelley Mole

Shelley is a proud contributor to Gen Z Insights. When she is not writing about Gen Z, she enjoys travelling, anything to do with food, and is on a quest to find the ultimate country pub.

Recent Posts:

The rise of the subscription - how Gen Z is changing the way we consume new products

Subscription services are nothing new, but as they evolve they are becoming one of the fastest growing consumer trends. So, what makes a monthly ‘mystery box’ so appealing to Gen Z, and how could a subscription-based approach potentially impact the business to business space?

Can experiential retail reinvigorate the Great British high street?

Gen Z craves stores that function halfway between retail outlets and retail playgrounds. Can brands reinvent their shopping experiences enough to keep the high street thriving? Here are some brands who are giving it their best shot.

Gen Z wants transparency about where their clothes come from

Most apparel consumers have no idea how or where their clothes are made, and for a long time few have questioned it. But with the rising social consciousness of Gen Z, and their use of social media to demand more transparency from retailers, we may be witnessing a sea-change in the way that apparel brands operate.

Five marketing myths about Gen Z, debunked

Every generation of consumers comes with its own set of misconceptions about what they like — and what they don’t. Here are five commonly held beliefs about Gen Z that marketers ought to reconsider.

Why health and wellness brands need to appeal to Gen Zers holistically

Between the resurgence of ‘80s and ‘90s sports brands Ellesse and Kappa, and the countless coffee shops filled with young people in yoga gear, it is fair to say that the athleisure trend is well and truly cemented in Gen Z culture. In fact, according to some, athleisure is the defining fashion trend of the 21st century so far.

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