Three Gen Z spending habits that may surprise you

  Gen Z sets itself apart from other generations with a sensible outlook on money. Here are the three most surprising spending habits that influence when Gen Zs break out their wallets—and when they don’t.

These are Generation Z's most defining traits

Gen Z isn’t into being tagged and packaged as a group, but there are certain defining traits that this cohort holds in common. Here are four of this generation's biggest commonalities.  

When it comes to money, we should all act more like Gen Z

Today’s younger consumers are generally seen as more liberal in their outlook and expectations of life. What may be surprising however, is the traditionalism and conservatism, which the Gen Z generation attach to money and regulating personal finances.

Five marketing myths about Gen Z, debunked

Every generation of consumers comes with its own set of misconceptions about what they like — and what they don’t. Here are five commonly held beliefs about Gen Z that marketers ought to reconsider.

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