The future of Gen Z marketing has chatbot written all over it

If their social media habits are any indication, Gen Zs want brands that can engage them with personalised messaging and instantaneous responses to their questions. Guess who’s able to do that? Chatbots.   

When marketing to the most global generation ever, think local

Yes, it’s true: Gen Z is more global than previous generations. But that doesn’t mean they all share the same jokes, memes or slang. Just because Gen Z students frequent similar restaurants -- whether they’re New York or Sydney -- doesn’t mean they don’t have cultural differences.

How to make your brand resonate with Gen Z

Earlier this October, Alex Gallagher, CMO of UNiDAYS, spoke at Advertising Week in New York about the relationship between marketers and Generation Z — and the need for marketers to understand their own particular brand’s relation to Gen Z in all its depth, nuance and detail.

Inconsistency is the new consistency for Gen Z travellers. Hotels are adapting accordingly.

We know that Gen Z’s spending power is only set to increase, and considering their always-on love for travel, Gen Z represent a seismic opportunity for hospitality brands if they know how to capitalise on attracting them. So how is the hotel industry evolving to cater to this generations distinct habits, likes and needs?

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