Is VSCO sneaking up on Instagram as Gen Z’s new fave image app?

For years, Instagram has reigned supreme over image-based app platforms. But, an up-and-coming photo editing app that’s a hit with Gen Zs might finally give Instagram a run for its money.  

Why some Gen Zs are breaking up with social media

Gen Z is the digital-first generation—but that might soon change. As Zs become privy to the negative effects social media has on their lives, some young people have  gradually started to step away. We’re taking a look at why some Gen Zs are ‘breaking up’ with social media and how brands can adapt accordingly.  

How to cut through noise and get Gen Zs listening? One word: music.

If you’re looking for a way to connect with Gen Z, there aren’t many better ways of doing it than through music.

These are Generation Z's most defining traits

Gen Z isn’t into being tagged and packaged as a group, but there are certain defining traits that this cohort holds in common. Here are four of this generation's biggest commonalities.  

Three key differences between Gen Z and Millennial social media habits

When you look at the specifics, you'll find remarkable differences between how Gen Z and Millennials understand and use social media.

Why does Gen Z love nano-influencers? Because they're *not* famous

More and more Gen Zers are relying on social media nano-influencers to learn about new products and services. Here’s the 101 on this up-and-coming trend and why you should make these influencers a part of your social media strategy.

Three brands that get an A* for creative Gen Z marketing

Previously, the idea of ordering a Big Mac meal straight to your door seemed implausible. A little over a year ago, McDonalds partnered with Uber Eats and Gen Z across the UK rejoiced that yet another of their favourite brands could now arrive at their front door at the touch of a button, without them ever leaving their homes

When marketing to the most global generation ever, think local

Yes, it’s true: Gen Z is more global than previous generations. But that doesn’t mean they all share the same jokes, memes or slang. Just because Gen Z students frequent similar restaurants -- whether they’re New York or Sydney -- doesn’t mean they don’t have cultural differences.

E-commerce giants already have what it takes to out-social social media. Here's how.

Gen Z present a demographic with interests, expectations and consumer habits that are distinct from those of Millennials or Gen X, so if you’re a brand that has an “it’s complicated status” with Gen Z, you’re in good company. Today’s students admit that social media drives their purchasing habits more than any other form of merchandising model. Find out how online retail giants, like eBay, have the size, scale and reach to out – social social.

Gen Z will cross mountains, oceans, and international datelines for... #foodporn

In an era where travel is becoming more and more determined by social media, the definition of “what’s important” to do whilst on holiday gets blurrier with each passing year. And no single group is redefining what holiday time well-spent means more than Gen Z. With roughly $143 billion (in the US alone) at Gen Z students' disposal, it’s high time travel marketers paid closer attention to what activities these new holidaymakers are looking for.

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