Gen Z's standout moments of 2018... and what to expect in 2019

2018 was a big year for Gen Zs. We take a look back at key trends that mattered to to them in 2018, such as veganism and the plastic revolution and also explore what 2019 holds in store.

Three brands that get an A* for creative Gen Z marketing

Previously, the idea of ordering a Big Mac meal straight to your door seemed implausible. A little over a year ago, McDonalds partnered with Uber Eats and Gen Z across the UK rejoiced that yet another of their favourite brands could now arrive at their front door at the touch of a button, without them ever leaving their homes

When marketing to the most global generation ever, think local

Yes, it’s true: Gen Z is more global than previous generations. But that doesn’t mean they all share the same jokes, memes or slang. Just because Gen Z students frequent similar restaurants -- whether they’re New York or Sydney -- doesn’t mean they don’t have cultural differences.

How to make your brand resonate with Gen Z

Earlier this October, Alex Gallagher, CMO of UNiDAYS, spoke at Advertising Week in New York about the relationship between marketers and Generation Z — and the need for marketers to understand their own particular brand’s relation to Gen Z in all its depth, nuance and detail.

A CMO's guide to detecting bullsh*t when it comes to Gen Z

In the age of buzzword bingo, every CMO is bombarded with news of groundbreaking technologies and new trends. While I haven’t achieved CMO status just yet, I’m still targeted with a barrage of ads and messaging on LinkedIn about the “Top Five Things Every CMO Needs to Know About…. (fill in the blank) SEO, AI, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, Chatbots, VR/AR” or whatever other hot online topic happens to be circulating that moment.

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