What makes Gen Z travellers different?

Gen Zs are the most well-travelled group in history—and they’re seeing the world on their own terms.  

Gen Zs are ‘breaking’ normal summer holiday traditions

With the busy summer holiday season shortly upon us, we take a closer look at this generation's unique travel habits and what their changing preferences mean for travel and hospitality industries.  

Five marketing myths about Gen Z, debunked

Every generation of consumers comes with its own set of misconceptions about what they like — and what they don’t. Here are five commonly held beliefs about Gen Z that marketers ought to reconsider.

Three brands that get an A* for creative Gen Z marketing

Previously, the idea of ordering a Big Mac meal straight to your door seemed implausible. A little over a year ago, McDonalds partnered with Uber Eats and Gen Z across the UK rejoiced that yet another of their favourite brands could now arrive at their front door at the touch of a button, without them ever leaving their homes

Gen Z will cross mountains, oceans, and international datelines for... #foodporn

In an era where travel is becoming more and more determined by social media, the definition of “what’s important” to do whilst on holiday gets blurrier with each passing year. And no single group is redefining what holiday time well-spent means more than Gen Z. With roughly $143 billion (in the US alone) at Gen Z students' disposal, it’s high time travel marketers paid closer attention to what activities these new holidaymakers are looking for.

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