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How restaurants can market to Gen Z

by Suelain Moy
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    How Gen Zs take on back to school shopping

    Brands can earn an A+ from students at every academic level by understanding their back-to-school needs.

    Marisa Allan, a Gen Z expert and VP of Innovation at UNiDAYS, sat down with Meg Hall from NCR to discuss all things marketing and Gen Z. Here are some of the tips and strategies she's developed for navigating this hard-to-engage audience.

    Allan describes Gen Z as "more financially savvy and responsible than previous generations. They are willing to spend but expect value.” According to a recent UNiDAYS report, 93 percent of students surveyed told UNiDAYS they are more likely to try a restaurant that offers student discounts. After tuition and bills, 78 percent of Gen Zers spend the majority of their disposable income on food. 

    That means now is the time to start exposing your business to Gen Z. Understanding the on-demand world Gen Zers live in, and the visual ways in which they communicate, are just two insights that can help you gain an advantage with this increasingly influential group.

    “Marketing to Gen Z can’t and should not be a one-size-fits-all approach,” says Allan. “If you want to attract Gen Z, you’re going to have to learn to play by the rules of the students. You’re going to have to learn new ways of cultivating brand loyalty, because the old ways — the ones that worked so well with millennials just a few years back — are quickly drying up.” Read more about how to reach Gen Zers here


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