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    Download the report: Gen Z spending habits before and during COVID-19

    Gen Z loves inclusive fashion. Meet some of the brands doing it right

    To Gen Z, there’s no question that brands must continue working towards diversity and inclusion, not only in marketing but also in their products. Here’s how...

    Brands: Be proud to be part of Pride

    Happy Pride Month! Wondering how your brand can celebrate Pride in a thoughtful and meaningful way? Let’s explore how some Gen Z faves are authentically...

    How to embrace inclusivity and diversity in your Gen Z marketing

    In light of recent events, we wanted to shed some light on how brands can work to embrace inclusivity and diversity in their marketing. For Gen Z, these...

    UNiGIVES: Our 48 hour fundraiser for COVID-19 relief

    Students shopped, we donated.

    Thanks to the participation of our partners and members, during our 48 hour fundraiser we are proud to announce that our global...

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