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Gen Z is interacting with tech like no other generation

    Download the report: Gen Z spending habits before and during COVID-19

    The highs and lows of Q3 for Gen Z

    Gen Z boasts a well-earned reputation for being a notoriously tricky demographic to get onyour side. So, how do you make students fall in love with your brand?...

    Gen Z is the first generation to have grown up with tech as an integral part of their lives, so
    it’s no surprise that their purchasing behaviours are slightly different from their predecessors.
    That means winning big with Gen Z is all about learning what separates them from the rest:
    how are their needs and motivations different, what do they want from their tech and how
    can your brand support them?

    The UNiDAYS Q3 Student Insight Report is here, packed with actionable insights to propel
    your brand to Gen Z success. Download the report to learn:

    • Why tech is so vital for Gen Z
    • Which devices and services they’re most likely to spend on
    • Students’ barriers when it comes to tech purchases
    • How your brand can become the top destination for Gen Z

    …and that’s just the start. Let’s talk about how Gen Z are interacting with tech and why
    they’re presenting an opportunity your brand can’t afford to miss.

    What’s hot, what’s not?

    Gen Z tech purchasing is much more purposeful than previous generations and they buy
    products or services to fulfill certain roles. So, what are the most in-demand tech items
    among students?

    Top 5 buys in July-September for Gen Z:

    • Headphones/speakers
    • Laptops
    • Mobiles
    • Music streaming services
    • Fitness trackers

    Unsurprisingly, laptops are the most popular Gen Z purchase. They’re central to studying
    and career development, with 74% of students saying they use their laptops daily.
    Interestingly, Gen Z is more likely to use laptops for gaming than any other generation, with
    1 in 4 doing so.

    Headphones are also trendy items and students are buying these more than any other
    generation as they use them for a variety of functions; relaxing, socialising, exercising and,
    of course, enjoying their favourite music and podcasts.

    Music streaming services are important to Gen Z, with students being the most likely
    demographic to use them for streaming, travelling, commuting, socialising and gaming with
    their friends.

    Are you seeing the pattern here? Unlike their predecessors, this cohort is much more
    concerned about tech that can serve multiple purposes, but they’re still looking for great
    value before committing to a purchase. Speaking of value…

    Money makes the world go round

    Gen Z is the latest generation to reach adulthood and, if we’re being honest, they’ve arrived
    at a pretty difficult time. A global pandemic and a cost of living crisis are just two obstacles
    they’ve been forced to navigate, both of which have affected their purchasing patterns.

    It’s not bad news, though. In fact, it’s far from it—Gen Z is set to spend over £850 million in
    tech over the coming months, with 80% saying they’ll purchase in the summer. That’s £1 in
    every £4 spent or, in other words, an opportunity you don’t want to miss.

    But how do you ensure that money is spent with you? For every generation, price is the most
    important factor influencing purchasing decisions. Interestingly though, what comes next for
    Gen Z is the availability of a student discount—they value this even more than the quality of
    a product or service. Sounds like a great way to captivate the student demographic, no?

    How do students get their digital inspo?

    Unlike previous generations, Gen Z visit multiple destinations to find inspiration for their tech
    purchases. Their preference is online search, followed closely by in-store experiences, likely
    due to the tactile nature of tech items and the need to try something before committing to a

    Of course, the digital generation can often be found on their favourite social media platforms.
    For Gen Z, the top 3 platforms to discover new tech products and brands are:

    1. YouTube
    2. TikTok
    3. Instagram

    However, students’ influences for purchasing streaming services are a little bit different to
    the rest of tech. Here, the power of advocacy is much stronger than you might think and Gen
    Z discover new content based on the recommendations of friends and family, whereas the
    preference or older generations is TV adverts.

    Almost all (96%) of Gen Z say they’re open to new subscriptions and they’re not just talking
    the talk—they’re walking the walk, too.

    Top 3 reasons for Gen Z to consider cancelling a streaming service:
    1. Price increases
    2. Lack of use
    3. Not interested in content

    Switch on for Gen Z success

    Students continue to make one thing clear: they are looking for great-value products and
    services. So, it’s time for your brand to seize the opportunity.

    Partner with UNiDAYS to unlock actionable Gen Z insights like these, plus a verified student
    audience of more than 29 million just waiting to form brand loyalty with you.

    To find out more about what’s influencing students’ purchasing decisions, as well as travel
    and wellbeing, earning & learning insights, download the Q3 Student Insight Report today.


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