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Good for the mind and body: wellbeing, earning and learning with Gen Z

    Download the report: Gen Z spending habits before and during COVID-19

    The highs and lows of Q3 for Gen Z

    Gen Z boasts a well-earned reputation for being a notoriously tricky demographic to get onyour side. So, how do you make students fall in love with your brand?...

    It’s no secret that Gen Z are a little bit… unique. However, despite all of their challenges,
    students are resilient and focus on self-improvement, whether learning new skills, earning
    money or working on their fitness. The bottom line is they want to get better.

    So, how do you make the most of their willingness to improve? Honestly, who knows? Just
    kidding, you’ve come to the perfect place. The UNiDAYS Q3 Student Insight Report is
    chocked full of actionable Gen Z insights to supercharge your brand and set you apart from
    the rest.

    Download the report to learn:

    • The opportunity for wellbeing, earning and learning with Gen Z
    • How to unlock lifetime loyalty from students
    • Which tools and apps are Gen Z favourites
    • What you need to do to become front-of-mind for students

    Plus a whole lot more. So, without further ado, let’s talk wellbeing, earning and learning with
    Gen Z.

    What’s hot, what’s not?

    It’s at the forefront of Gen Z minds: students use mental health and wellness apps more than
    any other generation, with 1 in 3 doing so. GWI found that 37% of UK students believe
    mental health awareness has grown significantly in importance to them since 2021 and Gen
    Z are 77% more likely to agree with this compared to the average adult.

    This generation is big on health. Three-quarters of Gen Z regularly take part in physical
    activity, but they’re more social than previous generations and participate in exercises that
    involve other people, like going to the gym and playing team sports.

    It’s not just about the body though, Gen Z is focused on the mind as well. The opportunity to
    combine socialising with exercising sets them apart from other generations, who typically
    prioritise convenience, as the majority of older people tend to exercise from home

    That’s all well and good, but what’s the opportunity here?

    • Almost 60% of students have bought clothes specifically for exercising
    • 1 in 3 have bought headphones for working out
    • 88% of Gen Z are willing to pay for a gym membership
    • That equates to a potential spend of £129M each month, or £18.19 per person

    Money matters

    The majority of Gen Z aren’t in full-time work—they’re busy studying, but they’re also the
    generation most likely to have part-time jobs, with 36% doing so to bolster their student loan.

    On the other hand, 40% of students don’t work at all and almost a quarter are looking for
    jobs to start immediately. That sounds like opportunity knocking—companies that can offer
    casual or flexible employment are set to win big with Gen Z. Make students aware of
    low-commitment opportunities to earn their loyalty.

    Don’t just take our word for it—when asked about the types of support they’d want, the most
    common answers were:

    • Career advice and guidance
    • Interview experience
    • Opportunities to gain experience in their chosen field or career

    Gen Z are also more interested than any other generation in video game test-and-play roles,
    while 29% say they’re interested in online tutoring positions—also much higher than their
    predecessors. Like survey-taking, online tutoring allows students to create their schedule to
    fit around other commitments, while also potentially enhancing their own knowledge if they
    choose to tutor based on their degree subjects.

    Gen Z: non-stop learners

    You’d be forgiven for thinking that students switch off during the summer holiday. But you’d
    also be wrong.

    This year, 55% of Gen Z are planning to purchase study tools and 53% are considering
    taking part in an online course. On average, an individual student is willing to spend:

    • One-time purchase study tool: £23
    • One-time purchase online course: £24
    • Online course or study tool subscription service (per month): £15.89

    That equates to over £278 million on study tools, online courses and subscription services,
    but Gen Z are on tight budgets. Unsurprisingly, cost is a barrier, so what can brands do to
    make their products more appealing to students?

    When it comes to content, almost half of Gen Z believe university recommendations are the
    most influential when deciding on a course or study tool. Reviews from peers were ranked
    second-most persuasive, but unlike millennials and Gen X, influencers, professional ads and
    comedic content aren’t particularly appealing to students when looking for tools to support
    them academically and professionally.

    Unlock the power of Gen Z

    A lot can be said about Gen Z, but one thing’s for certain: they’re keen to grow. Don’t miss
    out on the opportunity in front of you—become a UNiDAYS partner to get the most out of this
    generation and supercharge your brand with a wealth of actionable Gen Z insights.

    To learn more about what students are feeling and purchasing in Q3, as well as tech and
    travel insights, grab the Q3 Student Insight Report today.


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