Boosting game discovery among Gen Z

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Amping your subscription appeal for Gen Z gamers

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    How are Gen Z shaping the future of technology?

    In an era where technology is embedded in every aspect of our lives, Gen Z stand out for their fluency in all things digital. Where previous generations may...

    Hold onto your controllers, because the global gaming subscription market, worth $17.16B in 2021, is projected to hit $55.94B by 2031, growing at an Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 12.9%. Could Gen Z be the driving force behind this wild expansion?

    62% of Gen Z gamers subscribe to at least one service. And we recently found that one in four students are happy to drop over $50 a month on their gaming addiction. That’s more than enough cash to splash on a monthly subscription that could fulfil all their gaming needs. 

    A winning strategy now will seal a dazzling future as this demographic emerges as a major economic force. Discover tactics to increase Gen Z subscribers and retain them long into the future. 

    Hook Gen Z gamers with the community factor

    McKinsey's study found that Gen Z considers online friends as real friends. And 58% of Gen Z gamers play video games to stay connected to others. Subscription services can capitalise on Gen Z’s hunger for community by providing seamless online social experiences. 

    Boost online gaming with crossplay-compatible free games. Crossplay promotes inclusivity by connecting gamers across platforms. Players were over the moon when Microsoft threw Valheim, a co-op survival game with crossplay, into the Xbox Game Pass mix. One user convinced a group of Call of Duty players to switch to Valheim in one week, while another said "I have 500 hours on PC solo so I'm happy it's on Xbox Game Pass now." 

    Create private discord channels for subscribers where Gen Z can find new friends to play with, share their gaming experiences and discuss their favourite titles. These channels can also be used to organise in-game events, like Nintendo’s Animal Crossing: New Horizons Festivale event. Subscribers got to dance, collect feathers and participate in other fun activities, all while connecting with other players.

    Give Zoomers unbeatable value for money

    Microsoft teamed up with major retailers like GameStop and Best Buy in 2018 to launch All Access for Xbox Game Pass. For just $24.99 a month, users could score an Xbox console and a 24-month Game Pass subscription, all without any upfront costs. It's the kind of sweet deal that lights Gen Z up - 71% of them prefer to wait for a sale before pulling the trigger on a purchase.

    Gen Z favours adventure, action, casual, role-playing, strategy and massively multiplayer online games. Free games and downloadable content in their favourite genres are a must-have in gaming subscriptions to win over Zoomers. Other desirable loot could include exclusive in-game items, early access to new releases and discounts on additional purchases. 

    To hook Gen Z, shout about your subscriptions' promotions on social media, where 83% of them shop, and engage with them on gamer-focused Discord channels. Don't forget to spread the word on hotspots like UNiDAYS too, where they're always looking for juicy deals.

    Indulge Gen Z with personalisation

    With 87% of Gen Z craving personalised shopping experiences, they'd love that customised touch in your subscription service. Dive into customer demographics, gaming preferences, habits and engagement patterns to cook up tailored subscription treats for your Gen Z group.

    Also, collect feedback from surveys, reviews and social media to learn how to personalise and enhance gamers' experiences. Think game recommendations based on a player's favourite genres.

    Gen Z also go gaga over exclusive access to customizable avatars, satisfying their self-expression needs and showing off their unique style in the gaming world. About 80% of Gen Z gamers use their game characters to express themselves.

    Serve up tailored customer support based on Gen Z players' history and preferences for a silky smooth support experience. Just like Netflix – their support team knows users' account details, streaming history and previous interactions, making personalised assistance a breeze.

    Go mobile or go home 

    70% of Gen Z students play video games on their mobile. Power-up your subscription's allure by optimising the user interface for mobile devices, allowing these digital natives to easily access your service on their phones or tablets.

    Another way to keep Gen Z all smiles is offering rewards or bonuses for using your subscription service on mobile, such as in-game currency or exclusive content. Take inspiration from McDonald’s mobile app, which features exclusive, mobile-only deals like discounts, BOGO offers and freebies. These special offers are unavailable in-store or on the website, and can only be redeemed through the app.

    And mobile social features, like in-game chat and clip sharing, will help you tap into Gen Z's love of connecting through gaming on their favourite device. Be sure to shout about these aspects when advertising your app, similar to what Microsoft does in their promotions

    Press START on Gen Z gaming success

    UNiDAYS unites students worldwide, providing an ideal opportunity for gaming brands to engage this dedicated community. Score big with Gen Z by providing exclusive discounts and promotions through the platform. 

    There’s more. With the UNiDAYS mobile app, you'll have a direct line to these tech-savvy students, ready to access and redeem sizzling deals on-the-go. Plus, we've got the inside scoop on Gen Z, ensuring you stay informed about their evolving habits and preferences. Tailor your marketing messages for optimal relevance and sky-high engagement.

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      Boost game discovery among Gen Z

      Whether they're flossing their way through Fortnite or designing their own tropical island in Animal Crossing, Gen Z can't seem to get enough of their virtual...

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