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3 brands ruling Gen Z streaming

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    The highs and lows of Q3 for Gen Z

    Gen Z boasts a well-earned reputation for being a notoriously tricky demographic to get onyour side. So, how do you make students fall in love with your brand?...

    Streaming is Gen Z's lifeline, with 99% of students tuning in monthly. But these loyal streamers aren't easily swayed, making the battle for their subscription a challenge. 

    Here's the game plan: killer content, tailor-made experiences, and right-priced deals. Three streaming hotshots - Amazon Video, Apple Music, and Netflix - are nailing this strategy.

    Dive into their playbook and get inspired. Your mission? Entice Gen Z, turn them into your steadfast fans, and keep the streaming party rolling.

    1. Amazon Prime Video 

    Amazon Video shakes up the streaming game, blending it with an ecommerce experience. And Gen Z is here for it.

    Discover and verify 

    Amazon Video serves up a streaming experience that ticks Gen Z’s box with its ecommerce-inspired setup. Gen Z loves this style because it's familiar - searchable, browsable, and filled with personalised suggestions. The icing on the cake? User reviews. Gen Z thrives on peer recommendations - they love the realness. Amazon Video rolls this right into the mix, making it even easier for them to find their next obsession. 

    Price control and value

    Gen Z can flex their budget control, opting to rent or buy individual movies or shows sans Prime Membership. It's like a sneak peek of Prime life, nudging them towards signing up. Once they go all in for the full Prime package, they unlock great value for money with rapid Amazon deliveries and non-stop jams on Prime Music. 

    Original content 

    Amazon knows how to deliver high-quality, original content - a major key to drawing in and captivating Gen Z. In fact, 44% of student users report they're logging more hours on Prime Video because they're vibing with the unique content. With Amazon, Gen Z can deep-dive into a range of shows, from the adrenaline rush of 'The Boys' to the relatable feels in 'What Happened One Summer'." Plus, these fan-fave series keep getting renewed, keeping Gen Z coming back for more.

    Do you want a piece of this spending opportunity? Let's talk Gen Z. 

    2. Apple Music  

    Apple Music is striking Gen Z’s chord, offering a perfect blend of convenience, affordability, quality and personalisation.

    Convenience and value for money 

    Thanks to Apple One, Gen Z can bundle services - including Apple Music and Apple TV - all for a reasonable price. The Family and Premier plans also allow up to five others to join - each with private access on their devices. Making this a score for Gen Z, who are all about sharing experiences with their squad. And managing subscriptions? A piece of cake with Apple One, rolling multiple subscriptions into one for that smooth user experience Gen Z craves.

    Rich content, richer sounds 

    Apple Music also brings the heat with their content. But its sound quality that’s hyping up users, as highlighted on Reddit. Giving Gen Z that immersive, high-def experience they expect. Plus, with 23 EQ settings for different genres, they're in control of how their music hits. 

    Personalisation on point 

    Gen Z can like or dislike tracks, helping Apple to tune into their unique tastes. Crucial when 45% expect personalisation. And to make it even more personal, they can create custom playlists complete with their chosen album cover thumbnails. Even setting a new alarm is an opportunity for personal expression with Apple Music songs. 

    Team up with UNiDAYS to make sure your brand is on point with Gen Z. 

    3. Netflix

    Netflix knows what Gen Z wants, thanks to its fierce focus on personalisation. This is probably why it's a streaming favourite among students.

    Personalisation to rule them all

    Netflix's personalisation game is unmatched - 80% of users select choices suggested by its savvy recommendation system. How does it nail this? It conducts around 250 A/B tests yearly involving 100,000 users, These tests directly influence platform content, from landing cards - images or video teasers that grab attention - to the overall viewing suggestions. The data-driven approach makes sure that eye-catching visuals, not just words, influence user choices.

    Plus, Netflix uses AI to power its recommendation engine. It analyses customer viewing data, search history, rating data, and device type to tailor recommendations. This AI wizardry results in unique homepages for each user, creating a personalised buffet of content that aligns with their interests.

    Original content 

    Netflix has its finger on Gen Z's pulse, serving up addictive shows like "Stranger Things" and "You." Now, it might keep its secret recipe under lock and key, but we'd bet our last slice of pizza that AI and data analysis play a starring role. Netflix is probably reading trends and tastes for different audiences, turning this info into content that's hotter than a viral TikTok trend. The result? A buffet of original shows that keep users coming back for more. 

    Leveraging UNiDAYS to target Gen Z

    UNiDAYS is your insider pass to Gen Z's streaming universe, where brands like Amazon Video, Apple Music, and Netflix are killing it. With our rich insights, you can shake up your marketing, pricing and content strategy to win over Gen Z. And remember, Gen Z loves discounts and we're their top stop for deals. Create irresistible offers, timed with can't-miss content drops - a strategy that draws them in and builds lasting loyalty - talk to us.

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      The highs and lows of Q3 for Gen Z

      Gen Z boasts a well-earned reputation for being a notoriously tricky demographic to get onyour side. So, how do you make students fall in love with your brand?...

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