This is the pre-loved messaging Gen Z wants to hear

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This is the pre-loved messaging Gen Z wants to hear

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    Pre-loved fashion is a vast category, incorporating clothing that’s vintage, designer or from the high street. 

    It’s also a vast opportunity, standing to grow 127% by 2026. Selling pre-loved clothing via a buy-back scheme is a wise move for retailers. 

    And here’s the thing: most Gen Z students think brands should be doing more to sell pre-loved fashion. They also don’t know which brands sell pre-loved well.

    Retailers jumping on the pre-loved opportunity need to highlight their presence and authority in this space. Understanding why pre-loved options matter to Gen Z is a splendid place to start. 

    Students prioritise these four areas when shopping pre-loved 

    1. Money

    91% of students shop pre-loved to save money. They’re worried about their financial security and will walk away from a pre-loved offering if it doesn't suit their bank balance. 

    They expect to save over 30% on pre-loved items. And 85% think brands should reward them with discounts for shopping second-hand

    Whether it's in the name of your buy-back scheme or advertising copy, be loud and clear about big cost savings. And reel in students with vouchers that can be used in-store and online in exchange for their unwanted, pre-loved clothes. 

    2. Sustainability 

    Sustainability is the sexy added bonus of pre-loved shopping for Gen Z. 56% of students say they shop second-hand because it’s better for the planet. 

    Be inspired by Pretty Little Thing’s reGain landing page. The retailer lists planet-saving facts like Jay-Z drops bars. It’s hard-hitting and motivating. Appeal to this eco-aware audience with similar evidence in your messaging to make students feel good about shopping pre-loved with you. Just be wary of the dichotomy between pushing pre-loved at the same time as your next 'exclusive' capsule collection — Levi handles this expertly

    3. Quality 

    It’s not just the price that has to be right. Gen Z demands high-quality clothes too. 68% of students want clothes manufactured to the highest standards. 

    It’s probably why almost half of students prefer to shop in-store for pre-loved — to check for quality. Reassure these savvy students that quality is a given whether they shop online or in-store. Take a leaf out of the car industry’s book and offer guarantees for your pre-loved pieces — satisfaction guarantees will have double the appeal in today’s financial climate, helping students reduce the risk of their spend. 

    4. Convenience 

    Gen Z loves convenience, as reported in our 2022 Back to Campus research. Our Sustainability Report reflected similar themes. 

    Apply convenience to the purchasing experience. Riffling through rails is, anecdotally, part of the pre-loved thrill. But as native technicians, Gen Z’s need slick online transactions and discount codes. Especially when it comes to capturing the reseller market, your online buy-back experience should be easier than say, selling a dress on eBay. 

    Reach the sizzling student market

    You’ve nailed your pre-loved offer’s messaging. It's generating a buzz because it resonates with Gen Z’s inclination for pre-loved fashion. Now you just need to get in front of students. 

    UNiDAYS is a trusted brand for students and their first-point-of-call pre-purchase. We can help you get in front of this hot market with your pre-loved offer and drive home messaging we know resonates with Gen Z. 

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