Perfecting Gen Z's total travel experience

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Perfecting Gen Z's total travel experience

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    Travel brands, tune your ears to this. Gen Z is a powerhouse demographic that will play a major role in driving your growth. And now is the time to capture this market. Our research shows that Gen Z students will spend their cash on travel in 2023. 

    To grab a piece of the Gen Z action, you need to knock their sun hats off with their total travel experience. We’re talking personalised, authentic and seamless interactions (via the right channels) before, during and after their trip. These digital natives expect nothing less. So give Gen Z the VIP treatment they crave with these customer experience hacks. 

    Wanderlust warm-up

    For Gen Z, travel angst boils down to price and safety. Before they even start considering where to go, address this in your marketing to establish trust and build connections. 

    And target Gen Zs on the right channels, such as trusted discount sites. According to research by American Express, 92% of Gen Zs use a discount code regularly and 82% are loyal to brands who offer codes.

    Plus, over half of Gen Z students turn to social media for travel inspiration. TikTok travel influencers who keep it real and go on adventurous, culture-filled trips make great brand ambassadors. And it gives Gen Z the opportunity to find your content on their own terms. Adding to the thrill of discovery.

    You only have one chance to seal the deal when Gen Zs are ready to sign up and make a purchase. Make it as smooth as butter on a hot pancake. We’re talking clear instructions, minimal steps and easy forms to fill. Or risk having Gen Zs jet off to your competitors. 

    And listen to this — a WP Engine study found that 45% of Gen Zs expect personalisation and will leave a site if it doesn’t predict what they like, want or need. Take inspiration from the data-driven site, When a user logs in, their choices shape their future experiences and recommendations. Tailoring the user experience and enhancing it progressively. 

    The ultimate travel bud 

    Gen Z students aren’t looking for travel brands to hold their hand every step of the way. Especially not on their heart-pumping, adventure-filled trips — more than half of Gen Z agrees that a vacation should be exciting. But with a mobile-friendly ChatBot, they can come to you for advice. Blazing their own trail but keeping safe and staying organised with your help. 

    Speaking of organisational bliss, Gen Z love convenience and will appreciate travel brands that help them plan their trips. Students in particular rely on tech for this purpose — over 3 in 4 use services or tools to make their vacations easier. You could build a food app that helps users find the sustenance they desire, with restaurant recommendations based on their dietary preferences (research by the European Travel Commission revealed how 75% of Gen Zs travel to Europe to try locally produced food and drink). 

    Remember, you’re building friendships with benefits. Provide unique and shareable travel experiences to facilitate social sharing. And offer Gen Z travellers rewards for sharing their related content. Whether that’s 10% off their next booking or a voucher to spend at their new favourite restaurant mid-trip. 

    Prolonging the good times 

    While Gen Zs are waiting to collect their baggage, ask them to complete a survey for a chance to win a prize. Did they feel supported by your brand throughout their trip? Did it meet their expectations? Would they recommend you to a friend or family member? 

    Use that information to improve your offerings and create more personalised experiences. Making sure they'll be back for round two (and maybe even round three and four if you play your cards right). 2 in every 3 will stick with a brand they like for years, according to AtisfyReach

    And about those photos they didn’t have time to post because they were too busy snorkelling or eating tacos … incentivise another lap of user-generated content with more discounts and rewards for sharing their experiences. Hell, make them ambassadors if they’ve got loads of followers! Who better to represent your brand than a devoted customer? 

    Also, 72% of Gen Z students consider recommendations from friends and family to be the most important factor when choosing a travel destination. Give Gen Z customers discounts for referring their tribe to your brand. You could get double the business! While fostering loyalty by helping customers save cash. 

    Watch your Gen Z fan base grow

    Provide a tailor-made and hassle-free experience at every stage of the customer journey. Attracting and nurturing Gen Z travellers. To keep the competition in your rearview mirror, stay on top of Gen Z travel trends. Be the first to know about their changing travel habits - partner with UNiDAYS. 

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