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    The highs and lows of Q3 for Gen Z

    Gen Z boasts a well-earned reputation for being a notoriously tricky demographic to get onyour side. So, how do you make students fall in love with your brand?...

    Gen Z aren’t the easiest bunch to decipher: their purchasing habits tend to be a little bit
    different than previous generations and, when it comes to travel, that certainly rings true.
    How do you reach new heights with this tricky bunch? It starts with showing them you care,
    so understanding their needs and motivations is crucial. Luckily, if winning with Gen Z is your
    goal, you’ve reached your dream destination.

    The UNiDAYS Q3 Student Insight Report contains everything you need on your checklist to
    earn students’ loyalty. Download the report to find out:

    • What sets Gen Z travel purchasing apart from other generations
    • How to tap into their motivations
    • When they’re planning to book travel plans
    • How you can make sure they’re thinking of your travel brand first

    And so much more. Ready? Let’s talk about the travel fanatics, what makes Gen Z so
    unique and how you can become their next favourite brand.

    Unlock the Gen Z opportunity

    Throughout the student calendar, there’s not a lot of respite. Gen Z are constantly busy and
    Q3 is no different: from sun-soaked summer holidays to the return to university, travel is a
    big deal in this period, so there’s a huge opportunity that brands should be rubbing their
    hands to get a hold of.

    Just how significant is this opportunity, we hear you say?

    • 75% of Gen Z have travel plans, but only 50% have secured their bookings
    • Students are projected to spend almost £8 billion on travel
    • Over half of that spend will be on hotels and accommodation alone

    In other words, there’s a lot of money to be spent, yet plenty of students have yet to secure
    their bookings. That means brands who step up and incentivise Gen Z to shop with them
    now could stand to unlock lifetime loyalty from this generation that extends far beyond their
    university years.

    Students travel differently

    Gen Z are fuelled by wanderlust and there’s an understandable reason for that: many
    students spent their late teens in lockdown, which has spurred them on to grab their chance
    to get out there and see the world.

    The summer holiday is the perfect time to do this and over 75% of Gen Z use the long break
    as an opportunity to head abroad. However, they’re much more likely to be travelling for
    cultural exploration and visiting family than any other generation. City breaks, beach holidays
    and visiting friends are also prevalent reasons for travel plans.

    Gen Z are the most likely generation to have already booked:

    • Domestic: city break (28%)
    • Abroad (short-haul): beach holiday (38%)
    • Abroad (long-haul): visiting family (31%)

    And they’re most likely to be considering:

    • Domestic: City break (38%)
    • Abroad (short-haul): Beach holiday (44%)
    • Abroad (long-haul): Beach holiday (32%)

    Priorities and inspiration 

    Price is the number one factor when it comes to making travel bookings and this is true
    across all generations, although 90% of Gen Z agreed with this, making it very clear they’re
    looking to find the best deals.

    Gen Z are naturally more reliant on recommendations from family and friends regarding
    travel services and destinations as, due to their age, many won’t have been on too many

    Additionally, they’re the generation most likely to rely on visual social media platforms, like
    Instagram and TikTok, for travel inspiration. This is a key theme with Gen Z and, at risk of us
    sounding repetitive, that means targeting their favourite channels with short-form, engaging
    video content is key to building a positive relationship with students.

    Gen Z haven’t yet formed brand loyalty in the travel industry, which means your travel brand
    should be working hard to earn their trust. We know how to reach them and what’s important
    to them, so offering a compelling student discount is the best place to start on the journey to
    unlocking students’ lifetime loyalty.

    Map out your route to Gen Z success 

    Despite their turbulent calendar, a cost of living crisis and growing up during a global
    pandemic, Gen Z are resilient and are still willing to spend money on the things they deem

    Become a UNiDAYS partner to seize the student opportunity, with a constant stream of
    actionable insights to set your brand apart from the rest, plus a verified student audience of
    more than 29 million UNiDAYS members.

    To learn more about what students are feeling and purchasing in Q3, as well as tech and
    wellbeing, earning & learning insights, grab the Q3 Student Insight Report today.


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