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How to launch a Gen Z strategy (somewhere else besides social media)

by John Wheeler
    Download the report: Gen Z spending habits before and during COVID-19

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    Considered anyone born between 1997 and 2015, Generation Z, or zoomers, currently make up approximately 20 percent of the U.S. population. And with $44...

    Gen Zers depend on social media to connect with brands. That’s just a fact of life. The majority of North American tweens, high schoolers and collegiates (one recent study shows it to be 80 percent) believe social media influences what they buy online or in-store.

    Another online report reveals how 88 percent of North American Gen Z students use Instagram and Snapchat, 81 percent are on Facebook and 66 percent have Twitter accounts - and that they’re on these platforms for as many as 11 hours per day.

    Nor are these kinds of stats confined to North America: Additional market research from WARC finds 70 percent of Chinese Gen Zers “[using] social media as a gateway for shopping.”

    But here’s the thing: Social media is meant to be a two-way conversation between a brand and consumer. And in many ways it is. But who ever said putting your eggs in all one basket was a good thing? Contrary to popular belief, social media is not the only way to reach them.

    But while it's true social media = social life for many of today’s pre-teens, high schoolers and college students, it doesn’t mean it’s be-all way for brands to engage them with ads or incentives

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    The truth is abounding and alternative solutions exist.

    It’s only a matter of getting your brand onboard new platforms where Gen Z goes expecting to engage with brand content, offers and incentives. Take Student Affinity Network, UNiDAYS, for example, who helps brands connect with Gen Zers all around the world.

    There's something to be said about reaching a captive versus a passive audience. And when it comes to addressing Gen Z's 8-second attention span, affinity marketing platforms might in fact be your key to unlocking Gen Z.

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    Download the free Gen Z COVID-19 spending habits report

      Download the report: Gen Z spending habits before and during COVID-19


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