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Mark your calendar for Gen Z success in Q2

    Download the report: Gen Z spending habits before and during COVID-19

    Get set for the back-to-campus rush

    As Gen Z prepare to head back to university, there’s a huge opportunity for brands to seize.Students will be stocking up on everything they need to hit the...

    Gen Z; difficult to pin down, right? Most marketing calendars will emphasise those big consumer scenarios, but for students, it’s not so easy—their key moments can differ from those of previous generations. 

    That’s exactly why tapping into the student calendar is essential and it’s what we do best. The UNiDAYS Q2 Student Insight Report has landed, highlighting everything you need on your checklist to win big with this generation. Download the report to find out:

    - How students are feeling in Q2
    - What’s motivating their purchasing decisions
    - Why you need to listen up at this crucial time
    - How to drive meaningful connections with Gen Z

    The report is based on findings from thousands of survey respondents, plus the insights of our audience of 29m+ verified students. So, let’s take a deeper look at this turbulent time for students and how to keep this tricky bunch engaged.

    From highs to lows… to highs

    From April to June, students will be traversing the busiest time of the year. So, what key events are coming up on their calendar?


    As students celebrate some well-earned time off over the Easter break, there’s more good news—loan drop is landing. This final cash injection of the academic year means Gen Z have the funds to start preparing before the dreaded exam season arrives.


    The time for revision is over—it’s officially exam season. But, once that’s all done and dusted, late May celebrations start to kick off. Coursework is submitted, exams have been sat and students have finally made it to the promised land—the summer holidays—hopefully with most of that April loan drop still intact.


    Entering the summer, Gen Z will be shopping for perfect Grad Ball dresses and formalwear in time for ceremonies, jetting away to enjoy sunny adventures, filling venues to celebrate Euro 2024 and preparing for festival season with their friends.

    It’s clear to see that Q2 is a period of peaks and dips for students, which means the brands that tap into their feelings are set for success. So, what is the student sentiment and, more importantly, what do they want?

    Get in touch with the student sentiment

    In Q2, students have a LOT on their plate: money, grades, socialising, jobs, health and wellbeing all need to be juggled. We surveyed thousands of respondents from various generations and combined their thoughts with insights from our audience of more than 29m verified students, all to get to the bottom of how they’re feeling and what actions brands should take.

    Three common worries were mentioned more than any other:

    • Cost of living
    • My academic studies
    • Personal health and wellbeing

    Gen Z are proudly ‘built different’, and their resilience through times of adversity is a testament to that. Despite the struggles they face, more than half of students are excited to earn and save more, while 56% say they’re looking forward to spending more time socialising and going out with their friends.

    However, the vast majority of students are worried about money and you simply can’t ignore that. In fact, 82% claim that price is the number one factor that supports them through the cost of living crisis. Do we hear the sound of actionable insights?

    Give the people what they want

    Many people assume the student loan covers almost all the financial support a young person could need, but the cost of living crisis is driving that statement further away from reality. The financial landscape for students is certainly challenging, but they’re still spending money on the things they deem important.

    So, how do they bolster their loans? The most common supplements come from:

    • Parents/family (40%)
    • Part-time job (38%)
    • Savings (38%)

    More students are tapping into their savings than ever before and throughout an incredibly difficult time financially, Gen Z are savvy shoppers and they need to be—the cost of living has skyrocketed and this makes value-for-money more poignant than ever, so students are looking to stretch their cash as much as possible:

    • 70% of Gen Z look for a student discount to cut costs
    • Over half of students believe emails with tailored offers are useful
    • 48% say they want to access discounts via an app, social media or loyalty scheme

    Put yourself in their shoes and the overall sentiment becomes easier to understand. Students still want to make purchases, but they’re forced to be more calculated in their buying decisions. This means that brands that align with Gen Z now will foster lifetime loyalty that lasts long after their time at university.

    Become a Gen Z favourite

    Put yourself in their shoes and the overall sentiment is easy to understand. Gen Z still want to make purchases, but they’re forced to be more calculated in their buying decisions. Making your mark with students now, at this key time in their lives, will position your brand as a lifelong favourite among Gen Z.

    UNiDAYS are the Gen Z experts. Partner with us and you can leverage our audience of 29 m+ verified student members. For more actionable insights to position your brand in front of Gen Z, download our full Q2 Student Insight Report, or to learn more about how we can supercharge your brand to student success, simply reach out today.

    For a more in-depth look at student sentiment in Q2, as well as fashion and tech insights:


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      Get set for the back-to-campus rush

      As Gen Z prepare to head back to university, there’s a huge opportunity for brands to seize.Students will be stocking up on everything they need to hit the...

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