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    The highs and lows of Q3 for Gen Z

    Gen Z boasts a well-earned reputation for being a notoriously tricky demographic to get onyour side. So, how do you make students fall in love with your brand?...

    If there’s one thing to know about Gen Z, it’s that they’re always going to be there for self-care. Beauty is a top priority for students, but it’s not just limited to glitter and glamour—no, they have an incredibly busy schedule and taking care of their skin, hair and body is paramount to surviving the turbulence of the student calendar.

    Fast forward six years and Gen Z will become the biggest global spending power, which presents a significant opportunity: brands that step up to show they care for students now are set to unlock lifetime loyalty from this generation. So, how do you do it? Well, you’ve certainly come to the right place. 

    When it comes to understanding the needs and motivations of Gen Z, there’s no place quite like UNiDAYS. Our latest research is all about what’s trending in beauty, including:

    • The products and categories at the top of students’ shopping lists
    • What you can do to influence their purchasing decisions
    • Why now is the perfect time to connect with Gen Z

    Plus a whole lot more. So, let’s talk Gen Z, beauty and why it should be your duty.

    Why become the best in beauty for Gen Z?

    Let’s not make this more complicated than it needs to be: half of students regularly purchase beauty products and across the next 6 months, 91% say they’ll make a beauty purchase. However, Gen Z have less disposable income to play around with than previous generations, which means getting them on your side isn’t always a walk in the park.

    The key to winning their hearts is through empathy. Simply showing them you care goes a long way, especially during the notoriously bumpy period of Q2. They’ll be facing exams and coursework deadlines before prepping for graduation ceremonies, end-of-year socials and the long-awaited summer holidays.

    During this time, 1 in 3 students will be stocking up on routine favourites for key moments and skincare is a huge part of that, as shown by the most popular brands purchased via beauty retailers on UNiDAYS:

    1. The Ordinary
    2. Sol De Janeiro
    3. Charlotte Tilbury
    4. La Roche-Posay
    5. CeraVe

    But just because skincare is a Gen Z priority, don’t underestimate makeup. In fact, the top 5 beauty trend searches in 2023 were:

    • Latte makeup
    • Strawberry makeup
    • Uncanny valley makeup
    • Concealer lips
    • Mocha makeup

    Need we say more? The bottom line is that Gen Z loves beauty, whether that’s self-care for helping with stress or glam for those special moments. The opportunity is huge and students are simply waiting to fall in love with your brand. The ball’s in your court.

    How to capture Gen Z loyalty

    We’ve talked about the opportunity, but how do you actually seize it? It starts with understanding what Gen Z cares about most when it comes to beauty.

    In a recent study, Gen Z told us that personal recommendations and past experiences were key factors that influenced their purchasing decisions. Students are also more heavily influenced by social media advertising than any previous generation.

    When it comes to capturing students’ attention, you should be focusing your efforts on the channels they love:

    • TikTok ranks as the number one digital destination for beauty
    • 73% of students think influencer content is highly persuasive
    • Gen Z are 53% more likely to follow beauty experts on platforms like Instagram and TikTok
    • 43% claim that UGC and review videos can help move students from shopping basket to checkout

    However, being present on the top Gen Z destinations isn’t enough to convert their attention into sales. Students are set to take on the busiest time of their year in Q2 and they need your support. 

    In return for a persuasive student discount, your brand could be set to unlock lifetime loyalty from this generation, extending far beyond their university years, as Gen Z becomes the largest spending power to date.

    Your guide to Gen Z success

    To win with Gen Z requires a deep understanding of their circumstances, what’s motivating them and where the key opportunities lie for brands. Partnering with UNiDAYS means gaining access to actionable insights like these, and so much more.

    With an audience of 29m+ verified student members, UNiDAYS is the most trusted destination for the best student deals and discounts. That means an opportunity for you to become a favourite brand among Gen Z.


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