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Win Gen Z streamers: the personalisation play

    Download the report: Gen Z spending habits before and during COVID-19

    How to become a fashion fave with Gen Z in Q2

    Fashion is a top priority for Gen Z who, despite rising costs, are set to spend a whopping £700 million in the coming months. That’s 25% more than any other...

    99% of Gen Z tune into a music or TV streaming service monthly, and their loyalty is off the charts for the platforms they're vibing with.

    To flip Gen Z’s allegiance and snatch a piece of that market share, you’ve got to nail personalisation. Because Gen Z is all about that 'made for me' streaming feel. 74% lean towards personalised products, while 45% expect personalisation. 

    The way forward? Crank up the volume on your personalisation game to not just convert, but to keep Gen Z streamers tuned in. 

    Here’s how.  

    Ramp up personalisation to catch Gen Z’s eye

    Kick-start the hype train from the very first step of Gen Z's customer journey. Skip the generic broadcasts - it's all about personalisation. Uncover their shares, follows, and favourite content on social media - their go-to for shopping research - to really get their groove. Unlock the power of lookalike audiences and predictive analytics to tailor ads that resonate with diverse Gen Z personas. We're talking about ads that sync with their most-liked video and music content, and reflect their unique tastes and streaming patterns.

    Remember, initial content personalisation is major - with 88% of Gen Z students picking their streaming service based on content, it's a no-brainer. When your content feels tailor-made for them, they won’t just scroll past - they’ll stop and engage. 

    Hook them with tailored prices and discounts 

    Win Gen Z's streaming loyalty with personalised pricing and discounts. Gen Z students prefer monthly subscriptions. Plus, 72% reckon music streaming could turn up the volume on value, craving friendlier prices. It’s clear - when it comes to streaming services, Gen Z is price-sensitive, seeking both flexibility and affordability. 

    Discounts help you bring subscription prices down and appeal to Gen Z’s love of sweet deals. Blend discounts with a dash of exclusivity for added personalisation. Take a page out of Spotify's playbook, offering Premium subscribers early dibs on new albums via their collab with Universal Music Group. Not just an early listen, but an all-access pass to their favourite artists' freshest tracks.

    This 'premium exclusivity' boosts the appeal of a discounted subscription, aligning with Gen Z's content-first approach when selecting a streaming service. It morphs your platform into a tailored echo of Gen Z's tastes and expectations. That's the power of personalisation and discounts done right.

    Let's talk to make this happen. 

    Perfecting the personalised stream 

    You've got Gen Z on board, now it's time to turn them into die-hard fans. After all, this digital cohort isn't shy about pledging allegiance to their favourite platforms.

    How to cultivate that 'for me' streaming vibe they can't resist? Take cues from Netflix, the top TV streaming platform for students. Netflix’s whole user journey is a masterclass in personalisation, with every touchpoint data-driven and turbo-charged by AI algorithms.

    Serving the perfect stream, Netflix's AI crafts unique content mixes for each user, even when accounts are shared. This data-gobbling system always stays sharp, curating a personalised Netflix universe that’s spot on. It's not just the 'what', it's also the 'when'. Suppose a user loves to unwind with rom-coms on Sunday nights. Netflix queues up the perfect chill content, making Sundays a rom-com paradise. 

    Need more inspo? Hulu's 'Like'/'Dislike' system lets users shape their recs. Apple Music's 'For You' section spins playlists tuned to users' vibe. Disney+’s ‘Because You Watched’ recommends new content based on viewers’ favourites. This customisation is a blueprint for crafting a Gen Z paradise. But data distrust is the omnipresent elephant in the room. 

    The data distrust dilemma

    Securing that top-tier personalisation is your ticket to scoring big with Gen Z's streaming loyalty. But it's a high-wire act considering only 39% of U.S. Gen Z are cool with companies sliding into their personal data.

    The solution? Keep it 100 like Apple's transparent privacy game, dish out value-for-data deals in the style of YouTube's 'Watch Next' recommendations, and flex robust data security measures. 

    Bottom line: Gen Z's loyalty—and their $3.5 trillion projected income—is up for grabs. So, keep pushing those personalisation boundaries while respecting Gen Z’s data privacy concerns, and watch your fan base—and revenue—soar. 

    Nailing Personalisation with UNiDAYS

    With our fingers on the pulse of Gen Z, we're plugged into their ever-changing streaming vibes. UNiDAYS partners? They're front-row at this info concert. Blend this with your own data goldmine, and you're on your way to flexing the best personalised ads, pricing hacks, sweet discounts, and user experiences that'll have Gen Z saying, "Yasss, this is my jam!" 

    Let’s team up. 

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