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Your Gen Z Statistics: Digital Habits Edition

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    How to become a fashion fave with Gen Z in Q2

    Fashion is a top priority for Gen Z who, despite rising costs, are set to spend a whopping £700 million in the coming months. That’s 25% more than any other...

    What’s the best way to market to a generation that’s constantly connected and interested in social change? Many businesses, brands, and corporations aren’t sure how to promote their products or services to Generation Z, which includes anyone born between 1997 and 2015. Like millennials, Gen Zers are truly products of the digital age—they shop, access information, and interact with their friends or family members online. They have significant buying power, making up 40 percent of all global shoppers. 

    But members of the so-called iGeneration are also interested in accountability. They’re socially conscious and want to make sure that brands truly care about important causes. This is where authenticity matters—members of Generation Z know when organizations aren’t being genuine. 

    "If the future of brands lies in the hearts and minds of their customer, then they had better understand the emerging dominant demographic. This alpha consumer lives and breathes social media, instant messaging, video games and live-streaming - often all at the same time. Gen Z are the ultimate early adopters, and we see their media and purchasing habits now influencing the behaviors of Millennials and Generation X, and even the younger generations following them too." Josh Rathour, CEO UNiDAYS

    Constant Connection

    Also known as “zoomers,” members of Generation Z spend 74 percent of their free time online, and 66 percent use more than one online device at a time. According to a survey by the IBM Institute for Business Value, 73 percent use devices to connect with friends and family, 59 percent use them for entertainment, and 58 percent are using them to play online video games. 

    Three-fourths of zoomers prefer using smartphones over computers or other devices, spending an average of 11 hours per week staring at their phones. Ninety-five percent of teens own or have regular access to mobile smartphones, and 75 percent of Generation Z members use their mobile phones as their primary devices.

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    How to Reach Members of Generation Z

    Focus on your brand’s experience.

    Members of Generation Z care more about just products or services—they’re interested in experiences, especially the ability to share them online through social media. By focusing on what makes your organization’s story different and how you impact the world, you’ll discover new, authentic ways to engage Generation Z. 

    Use multiple channels to connect.

    Reward members of Generation Z with discounts, incentives, unique experiences, and rewards through your app or via text message when they sign up for app notifications, text alerts, or subscribe to your newsletter. No matter which channel of communication you use, remember to get your point across quickly—Gen Zers have attention spans of just eight seconds.

    Show off your philanthropic side.

    Zoomers are socially conscious buyers who want the brands and businesses they support to care about advancing important social causes. Be authentic; young consumers know when brands aren’t being transparent about their beliefs.

    Showcase your charitable work by running targeted ad campaigns to reach Gen Zers, or hold a campaign that matches sales with donations to worthy causes. 

    Be authentic.

    As the first generation to grow up in a world that’s digitally connected 24/7, zoomers prefer realness, especially when it comes to advertising. Fifty-nine percent of teens dislike influencer advertising, when brands “try to get people they watch online to sell them products.” They’re also budget-conscious; 37 percent of Gen Zers are currently receiving financial support from their parents, while 26 percent are living at home following the start of last year’s COVID-19 pandemic. 

    Gen Zers also tend to have lower incomes than previous generations, so offering payment installment plans, incentives, discounts, sales, and special perks such as free shipping or a gift with certain purchases will help keep them coming back. 

    And when it comes to in-store shopping, don’t forget about safety. Eighty-one percent of Gen Zers actually prefer to shop in brick-and-mortar stores, but are cautious about their health. To accommodate this, brands can provide young shoppers with an easy-to-use, glitch-free online shopping experience, convenient pickup or delivery options, or a contact-free or low-contact physical shopping experience. 

    Want to learn more about how marketing to Gen Z can build your online presence? The UNiDAYS platform allows brands to digitally reach members of Gen Z through incentive campaigns, discounts, and specialized offers. Get started today by creating an account, establishing your brand page, sharing exclusive offers and giveaways, and optimizing reach using our easy-to-learn reporting tools. 

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      How to become a fashion fave with Gen Z in Q2

      Fashion is a top priority for Gen Z who, despite rising costs, are set to spend a whopping £700 million in the coming months. That’s 25% more than any other...

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